A little about us!

Nestled quaintly in Harlem, New York, Sweets at Midnight (also called SaM) provides customers with sweet treats that tickle the tongue and satisfy your sweet tooth. Started on a hunch, this small business is the brainchild of a two-person cake loving couple.

Keisha began baking for others after preparing a Sweet 16 birthday cake for her daughter. Though she has always fiddled around in the kitchen, baking has been the “it” thing that helps her relax and share her love with her family through food. Keisha enjoys creating fun flavor combinations and providing a personal touch to customer orders.

Terrence always encourages his wife to strive for her dreams. The idea of starting a business based on the response to people’s continual requests for cakes and cupcakes was the spark he needed to push Keisha to really go forward and begin the Sweets at Midnight movement. Terrence is the muscle behind SaM, from rolling out hundreds of pounds of fondant to stacking supplies; he is truly the thriving force behind the scenes.

Keisha and Terrence are working to establish a family owned business that can provide the growing demand for homemade sweet treats. With a steady customer base, SaM is destined for great things. “We encourage our customers to try other, well established sweet treat providers – our customers always come back. We provide higher quality, greater variety, and a customer’s touch to each order. No two orders are ever alike. We are continually fine tuning our products to stay ahead of the trends and maintain competitive pricing.”